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What to Expect
Regarding our professional process, policies, and procedures:
1. Our First Conversation
Following your email contact or voice mail, all service begins with a preliminary telephone discussion during which a Community Canines professional helps you identify which service is best matched to your pet needs and reviews the calendar for a mutually convenient first appointment. Please note that we DO NOT answer business calls while we are providing training care and attention to your pet, but DO schedule time to check voice mail frequently throughout the business day. Our initial conversation can be as brief as 10 minutes, or may take as long as 45 minutes in the event of problem behavior. This conversation is free of charge, and may include phone coaching for emergency cases. At the close of this conversation, it is time for you to begin collecting your pet's documents from the vet, shelter, and/or breeder if you do not have them on file already.

2. The Initial Appointment
Hooray! This is when we have the pleasure of meeting your pet for the first time. For excitable, jumpy, nervous, and/or mouthy dogs, it is generally helpful to have some of the following pet supplies handy for time management purposes:

1. Your dog's favorite toy(s)
2. A 6 foot nylon leash (non-retractable)
3. A fresh chew bone or a food-stuffed rubber toy, (i.e.) Kong

During the initial appointment, your Community Canines professional will observe the home environment for locations where his/her routine basic care unfolds (eating, sleeping, elimination, play, exercise, etc...). While the content covered in the initial appointment varies depending on the service you are requesting for your pet, you can expect the length to be as follows:

A. Gone But Not Forgotten — 30 minutes.

B. Home School Your Dog — 60 minutes.

C. Hollywood Rehab — 90 minutes.

As always, your questions, concerns, and feedback are strongly encouraged in your pet's learning experience.

3. Length, Number, and Type of Training Sessions in Your Pet's Program
We teach, train, and care for companion animals in their home on a case by case basis. Some pet behavior skills are most efficiently taught with high levels of detail and practice, and can be accomplished in the absence of the pet owner during the acquisition phase. Other pet behaviors can be taught in a rewarding and healing way for the pet relationship and are best managed with the cooperation of all household members. We take the time to assess your pet and discuss these options with you.

For our pet owners that are traveling, the number of sessions depends on how long you are away. As a new client, you get an in-person visit to clarify instructions. A summary visit of care provided to your pet is available at your request and highly recommended when you return. For pet owners that are not traveling, an estimate is provided to you after the assessment phase is completed. Options for scheduling are typically presented to you in writing with recommendations.

4. Pet Behavior Assessments
Community Canines starts all pet behavior programs with behavior assessments before training begins. This step in our professional service separates us from our competitors, and places value on your pet's unique learning history. Assessments save your household time and money and often empower you, the consumer, with choice in the many different training methods available in our profession today. Some examples of behavior assessments might include observing your pet's behavior in multiple environments or with different people present, interviewing household members about their experiences with the student dog, or creating a situation in which your pet's problem behavior is likely to occur.

5. Collaborating with Pet Professionals
While your pet is in our care and attention, you can be confident that our trainer is skilled in identifying early / potential signs of illness relevant to your pet's behavior. At times, your pet behavior consultant may request that you seek the expertise and support from an additional professional. For example, your dog's vet for medical concerns or a groomer for matted fur or dry skin.

6. Company Policies
Pets receiving any of our services must be current with their annual vet visit and routine vaccinations. Documentation is requested at the first scheduled appointment. Payment for all services is required in full, in advance, with no exceptions. Documentation about appointment cancellation and arrangements regarding extended travel must be completed prior to the first visit.

CALL to request your dog's application TODAY: 401-569-9056 Office Hours (8a-8p) EST

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