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Success Stories
Testimonials from some of our clients.

"I've tried other pet services claiming to be what I consider the best. Trust me when I tell you Community Canines have been fabulous. For extended home car, pet sitting and training there is no one better. If you love your dog like I do, you want the best. Community Canines is what you want!"

Dan Baldelli (Cumberland, RI)

Xiros Baldelli

Duncan Block

"I was referred to Erin from a colleague, after I adopted a 6-year old Sheltie, Duncan, from a local shelter.  Duncan is a sweet dog, but needed help with leash training, commands, and overcoming anxiety. From the moment I met Erin, I was impressed with her professionalism and down-to-earth attitude.  Even more, she made me feel like she was not just a pet trainer, but a pet AND OWNER trainer. I also appreciated how supportive and hard-working she was with the challenges Duncan presented."

David Block (San Francisco, CA)
"Nick is a young golden retriever who we found at the Providence Animal Shelter. While there, he had learned some unfortunate habits. Nick's tendency to be very aggressive towards other neighborhood dogs could be very frustrating and frightening. With only a few lessons so far with Erin, Nick has become significantly more sociable with other dogs. Erin has done a great job of helping him learn that he can have friendly relationships with dogs. Erin has also taught us some tips on how to keep Nick happy, healthy, and to make sure that his new habits stick."

Austin & Joe O'Neil (Providence, RI)

Nick O'Neil

Ellie Kao

"Hello Erin, Thank you SO much for coming over yesterday. Last night, it took us an HOUR to walk Ellie correctly. It was tough and we were freezing! When a dog is barking, it is tough to get her to concentrate. So, that was where we ran into problems. But, this morning, it was a whole different story! She was AMAZING right from the start in the basement! She sat, stayed EVEN WHEN I WAS OPENING THE GARAGE DOOR. She saw it go up and she was STILL SITTING focusing on me! I slowly backed up and did it slowly down the driveway. It was GREAT! Eric was thoroughly impressed with me. "

Jess and Eric (North Providence, RI)

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