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Our Philosophy

PWe love animals and want to see the dog in your life to have a forever home with good physical, mental, and emotional health. We want to help the thousands of dogs worldwide that need support sharing resources with us on the planet, in a human social system.
We are a pet company with compassion for people, too! The modern pet owner today knows that training your dog is NOT just for the AKC show ring. Dog training is for the benefit of your pet relationship and for the safety of your community.

  • We train all dog breeds with love for the big and the small!

  • We train dogs of all different ages. We know that with life's changes, your pet may need a review and we are just a phone call away.

  • We train with humane methods that best suit your dog's learning needs. Our style is often described as calming, precise, and assertive.

  • We train with courtesy for you, the pet owner. We know that pet owners today work hard to bring in those high quality dog foods, treats, and toys for their special companion...but often just do not have the time or consistency in their lifestyle in today's economy to get it done right. We're happy to tell you that we're here and that you can "leave it" to the professionals!

    CALL to request YOUR DOG'S APPLICATION TODAY: 401-569-9056 Office Hours (8a-8p) EST

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